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Americas Best Roofing & Siding has been in business for over 15 years servicing the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, with thousands of satisfied customers.

Ice Dams occur during this time of year. If you are experiencing Ice Dam problems, we do FAST Ice Dam Removal and Snow Removal at affordable prices giving you Great Value. We use Large Commercial Size Steamers saving you money, not small, cheap and slow steamers costing u more money.

Our Services & Pricing

Emergency Leaks from Ice Dams: Flat Rate Pricing Starting @ $150
Ice Dam Removal with STEAM: $200 per hour with $300 minimum charge
Snow removal off Roofs: $125- per man hour, ask about Flat rate charge
Ice Dam Removal & Snow Removal: Flat Rates available-just ask and SAVE

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Ice Dams are Your House's Alarm System Telling You Something is Wrong With Your House

Ice Dam’s are Very Destructive: Causing Water Leaks, Mold, sometimes causing serious damage to your home and even total destruction when Gas Lines are damaged. Also, there has been reports of bodily injury and even Deaths, from falling during Ice Dam removal and/or Gas Explosions caused by falling Ice Chunks. Ice Dam Removal is some of the most dangerous work you will ever do, making it is wise to leave it up to Professional.; So go with a Pro: Americas Best Roofing & Siding

Ice Dams are your Home’s Alarm System going off telling you something is wrong with your house. If your burglar alarm system went off, do you just reset the alarm system or do you find out what set off the alarm? Ice Dams are the same thing! Do you just remove the roof ice dams or do you get the answers to the causes so you can eliminate them for good. The cost of removing Ice Dams runs about $300 to $1,200, which is more expensive than to hire us to find the solutions to your Ice Dam problems for good. If we do not find anything wrong with your house, you do not PAY for the INSPECTION.

So if you’re a Home Owner or Property Owner who wants to treat the CAUSES of ICE DAMS, and not just the Symptoms, then you have to hire us, Americas Best to do a complete Property Inspection for Ice Dam Prevention and any necessary follow up work that’s needed. In most cases we can eliminate your Ice Dams for good. If it is a structural issue like design, then we will do our best to reduce your Ice Dams to a manageable amount. We have the answer to solve your problems. We are a Licensed Contractor, Qualified Home Inspector, and have been eliminating and removing Ice Dams for over 15 years. During that time I have not met anyone, including: Home Inspectors, Contractors, City Inspectors, Manufacturers or Teachers who have the knowledge we do on ICE DAMS, The CAUSES OF ICE DAMS, Damage Caused by ICE DAMS, and the solutions to ELIMINATING ICE DAMS for good.

Our knowledge exceeds our competition, simply making us the best option to service you and your family’s NEEDS.

During our 15 years we have completed Thousands of Jobs and Warranty Work ,SOLVING EVERY PROBLEM, giving us the hands on Experience and Common Sense that is not being taught and can’t be taught in any class anywhere. Not only do we remove ICE DAMS, we also perform the Home Inspections to find the problems, we actually find the causes, and then provide solutions and the necessary following up work to Solve your Problems to THOSE DAM ICE DAMS.

After we are completed with the work if you still have a problem in the same area, call us and we will come back out for FREE.
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Stop letting Ice Dam’s destroy your home! Call us NOW, an Experience, Licensed, Insured and Professional Contractor to help solve your problems, Those Dam Ice Dams! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority earning us an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

More damage will occur to your property removing Ice Dams using inexperienced people to do the work than the cost of removing the Ice Dams. For example, last week a house caught on fire from the crew using torches, and several people have died this season trying to remove their own Snow and Ice Dams. The sad part is someone seems to die every year TRYING to removing Ice Dams.

Our Services & Pricing

Emergency Leaks from Ice Dams: Flat Rate Pricing Starting @ $150
Ice Dam Removal with STEAM: $200 per hour with $300 minimum charge
Snow removal off Roofs: $125- per man hour, ask about Flat rate charge
Ice Dam Removal & Snow Removal: Flat Rates available-just ask and SAVE

Go with a Pro Americas Best Roofing & Siding

Protect your greatest Asset, your Home and your Families well being by Calling Americas Best to solve your problems.

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