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Kill Bed Bugs Heat --Pesticide Free Treatment, with a 60 day guarantee to be Bed Bug Free.

Bedbug Extermination

Bed bugs are small, wingless, insects in the Cimicidae family (Cimex lectularius). They feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals, and humans make ideal hosts. They are translucent as nymphs and turn reddish brown in color after eating their first blood meal. Mature bed bugs are about 4-5 mm in length and 1-3 mm wide. Adult females can lay 5 eggs in one day and up to 500 in a lifetime. The eggs are milky white and about 1 mm in size- making them difficult to see with the naked eye. They hatch in 6-15 days and will start feeding immediately. They molt after each of their first 5 meals as they grow into adulthood. Regularly feeding bed bugs will reach maturity in 4 to 6 weeks and begin mating, although they can survive for up to a year without a single meal! They typically feed at night and hide during the day making them difficult to detect!

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Residential Bed Bug Extermination
Residential properties are becoming increasingly infested by bed bugs. In New York City it is believed that one in every ten residences have already experienced the problem and other cities across the nation are seeing similar increases of reports! They are also making their way into dorm rooms and apartment buildings where they can quickly spread to other tenants! We can help locate and remove these pests from your residence no matter what the situation is!

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator
Bed bugs are not just confined to bedrooms and homes. Movie theaters, museums, department stores, office buildings, and other public places are also susceptible to infestation! Many high end commercial stores have already closed to deal with the pests including Niketown, Victoria’s Secret, and the Times Square movie theater! It only takes a few bed bugs to hitchhike in and start an infestation! With so many visitors in these places it is critical to control the problem quickly to prevent it from spreading!

Our pricing is competitive with anyone in the industry. We will not lose an order because of pricing. We are in business to make money, but we believe in offering our clients a price structure that allows them to come out with great value. This is not always the case in our industry.

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"The Bed Bug Guys" Testimonials

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“The Bed Bug Guys” Eradicating Bed Bugs without Toxins

“The Bed Bug Guys” kill your bed bugs using Heat treatments otherwise known as Thermal Remediation by Temp Air. We offer a 60 day Warranty on Heat Treatments of the whole structures, some exceptions do apply. If you have Bed Bugs during the next 60 days after Heat Treatment we will come back out and re-treat as needed using Heat or other Treatments as deemed necessary.

60 Day Guarantee you will be Bed Bug Free
"The Bed Bug Guys"

We offer a 60 Day Guarantee you will be Bed Bug Free. If you get Bed Bugs again in 60 days, We come back and Re-treat with Heat. This is simply the Best Warranty in the Entire Industry.

“The Bed Bug Guys” have almost 100% success rate in eradicating Bed Bugs using just HEAT TREATMENTS. That’s right; we have been able to eradicate all of our cooperating customers’ Bed Bug Problems. Some of them have been battling those bothersome, blood sucking pests for 6-24 months, causing high levels of Stress, Anxiety, Loss of Sleep and so much more. Bed Bugs are the hardest pest to eradicate and require complete cooperation by all people involved for Heat Treatments to be successful. That is why we do almost all the Preparation work for you, not having you or your Tenants responsible for a successful treatment. In rare cases, a second heat treatment is required, and that is why you want our 60 day warranty to be bed bug free.
Other companies using chemicals have been proven to be unsuccessful in exterminating Bed Bugs, only pushing Bed Bugs deeper into your homes structure and creating a pesticide resistance Bed Bugs, making it even harder to kill them.
Very few companies use Heat Treatments, and the ones that do use heat, NOW use chemicals with ALL their Heat Treatments. So if you want a Chemical-Free Non-Toxic Solution to your Bed Bug Problem, “The Bed Bug Guys” are your TOP CHOICE and may be your ONLY CHOICE.
Our Great Success in eradicating your Bed Bug Infestation allows us to offer you the best Pricing, Service, Warranty and COMPLETE SATISFACTION.

Ask yourself–What are the other Exterminating Companies hiding? A warranty/guarantee is really designed to limit the company’s future liability. It is a statement of faith in their product; which includes: limits, out clauses and stipulations, giving them all the reasons they need to not come back and complete the job, or you pay for a Heat Treatment and we use pesticides!!

We believe in the quality of our products and services. We did not get to offering the BEST WARRANTY in the Industry by providing an inferior services and products. Actually, quite the opposite, we provide the BEST services and products in the Industry which allows us to offer you the BEST WARRANTY. With no limitations, out clauses or stipulation. Just need a live Bed Bug or K9 Inspection done and we will come back to Heat Treat, NO PESTICIDES like the competition.

HEAT TREATMENTS to kill Bed Bugs are the Most Effective method, while more and more people are saying “Chemicals Do Not Work”. Chemicals are referred to as the “conventional way”. Heat is becoming more common all the time; as chemicals are poisons/toxins that attack the nervous system of the pests and everything else in the area to kill them, so a little kills pest, more kills animals, and more kills humans.

Our IPM Integrated Pest Management system DOES NOT INCLUDE CHEMICALS; it includes other non-toxic, environmentally friendly products in addition to Heat. Our products have been reviewed by a doctor at Children’s Hospital and a supervisor from Hazardous Material from city of St. Paul, MN; as a NONTOXIC product to humans and environmentally friendly. This is not an endorsement or recommendation of any products. Not using chemicals is what separates us from the competition. If you have Bed Bugs call us NOW to eliminate YOUR Bed Bugs for good!

We have many referrals that will share their experience with you, so please ask for names and contact information.

Bat Bugs are also common in Minnesota and are easily confused with Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs came from Bat Bugs thousands of years ago. We are experience at eradicating both Bat Bugs and Bed Bugs, so make your first call to “The Bed Bug Guys” to bring back your comfort and relief.

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