Roofing, Siding, Water Problems, Bed Bugs, Ice Dam Removal and Inspections

America’s Best Construction and Remodeling has been serving the 7 county Minneapolis, St. Paul area since 1998. We Specialize in Inspections, Water Moisture Problems, Ice Dam Removal and Roofing & Siding needs, with over 2000 satisfied customers. Also, we do Bed Bug Exterminating using the newest and greatest process in Americas– HEAT. “The Bed Bug Guys” are exterminating Bed Bugs using Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment by TempAir. We are one of the very few exterminators not using any Toxic Pesticides and offer the best guarantee in the industry, Bed bug Free for 30 days. Ask about our extended warranties that last up to 6 months .

We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best value, by getting the job done right the first time. What makes a Professional is years of experience, using the best tools & equipment and a commitment to excellence; this is what you will get from us every time. We focus our expertise in five distinct service divisions.

Service Divisions:

Bed Bug Exterminator: Heat– Pesticide free solution to Bed Bugs

Water Moisture Problems: Inspections, Dry outs, Water extraction, Repairs, Prevention and Replacements

Ice Dam Removal: Our Steaming equipment is the Biggest & Best in the Industry

Roofing and Siding: We do repairs and total replacements

Inspection Services: Buyers, Commercial, Residential, Building Warranties, Water/Moisture and so much more….

America’s Best Construction and Remodeling has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because we listen to our customers and will create or provide a solution that is the highest quality for your home or business.

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High Temperature Drying

Letter From the President

Hello, my name is Jeff Berens and I am the President and Owner of America’s Best and the “Bed Bug Guys” in Bloomington, Minnesota.   I have over 16 years of experience in the construction industry and have been Exterminating Bed Bugs using Heat Treatments for 3 years.  My team and I will treat all of your projects as if they were our own.  I am a Minnesota native and completed all of my schooling in Minnesota.  After college I worked as a stock broker and insurance agent which also led to several summer construction jobs.  Over the years I have created many relationships, enhanced my education and expanded our services in several nitch markets. What makes a Professional is years of experience, using the best tools & equipment and a commitment to excellence; this is what you will get from us every time.

I have an exceptional eye for detail and getting the job done right the first time; these high standards are upheld by every member of my team.  I have also had the great pleasure of working with so many property owners, which is truly the best part about my job!

I also was a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and Minnesota Society of Home Inspectors (MSHI).  All of my inspections meet or exceed the standards of ASHI. In my opinion, all inspections are a very educational experience and we encourage our customers to be present as we can provide information that can save large amounts of money over the years.

Whether you need us for Bed Bug Exterminating, Exterior Remodeling, Ice Dam Removal, Inspections or would like to eliminate your water problems, America’s Best and the “Bed Bug Guys” are committed to providing top notch service matched by high quality work.  We look forward to creating a lifelong relationship with you!

Thank you for your business!

Jeff Berens, President/Owner
America’s Best Construction and Remodeling
“Bed Bug Guys”

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