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Structural Dry Outs Fast

Water Problems: Services Provided

Structural dry outs commercial or residential: Dry out water damage, Flood remediation, Water Extraction,  Repairs, Prevention and Replacements

Americas Best Construction & Remodeling provides you with the fastest, most advanced and less expensive water drying system in American---HEAT.   Our dry out times are the fastest in the entire industry- 24 hours or less,  not  3-5 days like the competition.  We use the newest and most advance drying system to get you the Best Value;  nothing works better and faster. Oh by the way, it is also less expensive than the other systems,  sometimes by thousands.   By not choosing us you are paying too much for a lot less.


Structural Dry Outs with Heat

Americas Best drys structures out by directing heat and air flow to those specific areas that have been directly affected by flood damage in record time, with no or very little demolish-ion to your building.  Proper heat, air circulation and air exchange allows for faster evaporation and removal of moisture.  Drying is usually completed within hours, but up to 24 hours for the most serious water problems, compared to the standard 3-5 days dry out time.  Heat energy causes evaporation.  Low temperature heat will still cause water to evaporate but at a slow pace; while high temperature heat allows water evaporates faster.  With our equipment we can get the temperature to above 130F in less than 1 hour.   Air movement and heat are synergistic and accelerate this process.  Circulating heated air in the structure while venting, does not cause condensation problems in the structure, removing the need for dehumidifiers.  HIGH Heat also, reduces or eliminates odors, bacteria, viruses and mold associated with water problems.


How Heat Works

Drying structures out with heat and fans works similar to how a convection oven works. Air is brought in, heated up, circulated and then vented out of the heat environment. This continues until the moisture has been removed.  Heat penetrates deep into and through building materials drying areas that are not accessible with out demolish-ion. Relative humidity, which is crucial for drying without high heat, is almost irrelevant for our process.


When water problem occurs, the main goals are to stop the water problem, prevent damage to the  structure and/or personal belongings, Dry out and PREVENT MOLD:

Find the source of the water problem

Keep the damage as contained as possible

Remove water as quickly as possible

Dry the area as quickly as possible

Do No Demolition or as little Demolition as possible


Requirements for mold growth:


Sugar --Food-organic matter found in construction materials

Warmth, NOT HIGH temperatures


Now you know why you should call us for drying out your Structure
Our structural drying process uses high heat  and air movement for reduced drying times saving you time and money

Our pricing is competitive with anyone in the industry. We will not lose an order because of pricing. We are in business to make money, but we believe in offering our clients a price structure that allows them to come out ahead. This is not always the case in our industry.

Flood water must be removed.

Heat will kill insects, viruses, bacteria's and mold that are present in treatment area from water.

Heat will dry out the affected area, all the way to the center of studs and joists with.

Heat will assist in odor removal

Heat can kill vectors for pathogens and pathogens with the same treatment.

Heat reduces and/or eliminates the need for Demolition, saving you Huge money and getting you back into your house in hours not DAYS


There are so many  benefits using our Heat dry out method.

1)Our Heat dry outs are the fastest way to dry out your home due to water damage and flood damage. Average drying is completed in hours, versus traditional methods which take 3 to 5 days and require Demolition.

2)A more thorough and complete drying process, faster.

3)Reduce secondary damage, faster.

4)Returns the building to its normal moisture equilibrium, faster.

5)As a byproduct, may slow or stop potentially harmful microbial growth that thrives in the presence of moisture.

Heat dries faster, taking away the time and conditions needed for mold to grow which is 48 hours after being exposed to water and remain wet.  Heat deters and can even kill mold as it dries the structure and can eliminate the need for antimicrobial applications on certain jobs.  This is why  dry outs using heat is the best, fastest and cheapest way to go.  Imagine paying thousand of dollars for a dry out and because it took 3-5 days to complete the job, you now have mold inside your structure.   The only way to kill this mold is to do extensive demolish-ion to your home to get at and remove the newly formed mold, then spray a product that will kill the mold.


Pathogen,Lethal Temperature,Time Duration,Reference


Escherichia coli  140ºF,105 min,Abbott 2011

Klebsiella pneumoniae  140ºF,105 min,Abbott 2011

Pseudomonas aeruginosa 140ºF,75 min,Abbott 2011

Salmonella sp. 140ºF,60 min,Feachem 1983


Enteroviruses, Reoviruses, Adenoviruses (All),140ºF,120 min,Feachem 1983

Hepatitus A 158ºF 4 mins Health Canada, 2007

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza 133ºF 15mins TIP 2000; Blaha 1989

Infectiuos Bronchitis 133ºF 15mins,Otsaki 1979

Newcastle Disease Virus 140ºF 60 mins; 158ºF 50 seconds TIP, 2000;Foster and Thomson 1957

Norwalk Virus,>140ºF,>30 mins, Health Canada 2007

Poliovirus,140ºF, 25 mins, Gerba 1997

Parovirus, 140ºF,30 mins, TIP 2000;Gough et al. 1981

Hant Virus, 140ºF,30 mins, WHO

Most Viruses 158ºF, 20mins, Day and Shaw 2000

Rotovirus,145ºF,30 min,Feachem 1983

Norovirus,>140ºF,>30 min,Health Canada 2007


Entamoeba hystolitica,140ºF,1 min,Gerba 1997

Giardia lamblia,140ºF,2-3 min,Univ of Utah 2005


Nemotodes – roundworms, hookworms, Ascaris lumbricoides,131ºF,60 min,Feachem 1983

Cestodes – tapeworms, Taenia saginata,158ºF,5 min,Jones & Martin 2003



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