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Reviews for Bed Bug Exterminators

Reviews for Bed Bug Exterminators in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Taking the Risk Out of Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator



Upon realizing that I had bedbugs, I was completely devastated and downright disgusted.  I rushed to Google to research the safest and most effective route of extermination and quickly came to America's Best - Bed Bug Guys webpage.  The Bed Bug Guys were obviously the way to go.  They are unique in that they offer a 60 day guarantee, they specialize in exterminating bed bugs only, and they are very discreet.  So I decided to call the number, even though it was after normal business hours.  Jeff answered the call.  Within three days he had confirmed the infestation and using the method of heat treatment had completely rid my home of bed bugs.  He wasted no time, and was quick and very thorough during the whole process.  I am so pleased with the services I received and have been sleeping soundly ever since.   They have earned 5 star rating. If you have bed bugs, you need the Bed Bug Guys.
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