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Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs may be small in size, but they can become giant nightmares.

"Bed bugs have become an epidemic across the US probably in the last ten years," said Jim Dill, pest management specialist for the University of Maine's Cooperative Extension. "I think part of the problem is, you know, global travel for one thing."

In many countries the insect isn't considered an issue, more like a way of life.

"I think now, you can hop on a jet, be somewhere else in the world in ten hours, be there for two or three days and back, and because of that, it's pretty easy to start transporting these things around," said Dill.

Dill says that bed bugs are most likely here to stay. "They're in hotels; they're in apartments; they're in houses; they're around every place now."

Dill has tips for preventing any unwanted souvenirs while traveling.

"Their secretive nature makes them tricky to get rid of," Dill begins in a YouTube video he posted online. "If you've seen a bed bug, its a very flattened bug, and by being flattened, it can get in cracks and crevices, penetrating to where they are is very difficult."

They can be treated two ways. One is with insecticides, the other is through heat treatment. Dill says you can also use a combination of both.

"The best way may be to go in and treat with heat and then follow up right after that 24 hours later with an insecticide treatment," said Dill.

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