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Minneapolis Bed Bug Information

The Problem with  Pesticides, they do not Work Effectively because Bed Bugs are resistance to them

Bed bug chemicals do not work effectively! Bed bugs are very resilient insects that can endure tough conditions! For this reason they are difficult to eradicate once established. They are excellent “hitchhikers” and are spread from place to place on clothing and luggage of travelers as well as living in furniture moved from place to place. Since they have grown resistant to many pesticides and can hide in very small areas, killing them is not easy! Inexperienced exterminators will often fail to kill them and simply cause them to hide deeper in walls and cracks until the pesticide residue subsides. Unlike ants, cockroaches, and many other insects that exterminators can “bait” into toxic traps, bed bugs are often resistant and only feed on blood making those tactics ineffective. They can also live for up to a year without eating so it is difficult to starve them! Although they are not known to carry diseases, some people have allergic reactions to the numerous bites and they may create emotional trauma to the victims as well.

History of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for centuries. They were a common in the early colonies of America and ships were often infested carrying the bugs over seas. Some areas had up to 1/3 of the residences infested and they were sometimes referred to as “public enemy number one”! They remained a common problem in the U.S. until World War 2, when pesticides such as DDT were used to considerably decrease their numbers. They became a rare pest only found in socially depressed settings and other unusual circumstances for about 40 years thereafter and were not considered anything more than a rare nuisance.

Since then, however, those toxic chemicals have been banned for health reasons and the insects have grown resistant to many of the approved pesticides in use today. That resistance to pesticides, the general public lack of education about them, and the high frequency of travel has helped them make a comeback and spread over the last decade!

Bed Bugs Create Terror or Fear

The thought of having bed bugs crawling on you while you sleep will cause uneasiness and even fear in most victims! If a person stops sleeping in the infested bedroom, the bed bugs will simply find them in the new sleeping location and cause further spreading.

Bed Bugs and Health

Although they are not known to carry diseases, some people have allergic reactions to the bites, lose sleep worrying about Bedbugs, irritation to skin and repeated scratching of the itchy bites can lead to scars and infections. The stress associated with these pests can also be harmful.

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