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If you detect bedbugs:

Did you know?

In 2011, Arizona joined several other states enacting bedbug legislation. The legislation assigns specific responsibilities to landlords and tenants in multifamily housing. This law does not apply to a single-family residence. Landlords are required to provide existing and new tenants with educational materials on bedbugs. Additionally, landlords are prohibited from knowingly leasing a bedbug-infested residence. The legislation requires tenants to notify the landlord of a bedbug infestation.

If you detect bedbugs:

• Do not panic.

• Call a pest control professional.

• Do not move items in or out of infested rooms, including electronics, which can harbor pests.

• Do not use foggers or bug bombs. Certain products encourage the movement of bugs into wall voids, making remediation more challenging and expensive.

• Do not host visitors while you are battling bedbugs.


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